MONOPOLY Law Enforcement Edition

Monopoly Law Enforcement Edition

MONOPOLY Law Enforcement Edition Tokens MONOPOLY Law Enforcement Edition Cards

The chase is on to be the top cop!

It's a hot pursuit to win in the special Law Enforcement Edition of MONOPOLY, honoring the men and women of police and law enforcement worldwide.

As you buy, sell and trade your favorite properties, you'll need to outwit your fellow police buddies to build and take command of all the precincts and headquarters on the board. If you succeed, not only will your board be safe from criminals, but you'll get an instant promotion to Commish' until the next game anyway!

Take a roll of the dice to round Larceny Lane and head for Handcuff Highway. You could win big if you're named "Officer of the Year" or go directly to Jail if you're called into Internal Affairs when you pick up a Roll Call or Pursuit card. And, just remember - while you might not be under arrest, going to Jail in this game will still hurt your rep, so watch out and stay safe as you enjoy this special Law Enforcement Edition of the world's most popular board game, MONOPOLY.

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